Company Culture

Daewoong WAY

Direction that Daewoong should take and the culture in which Daewoong employees work
Our goal is to help you ‘grow’ as the industry’s top human resource.
We provide an environment where you can ‘autonomously’ immerse yourself in work.
We focus on working properly to exhibit ‘performance’.
We go with talents having ‘growth potential’.

Working culture of Daewoong

We offer challenges and opportunities for ‘growth’.

Career Development Program

Employees are offered the opportunity to work at various departments of their choice for their growth and development

Global Outstanding Talent Program

We offer educational support for local language and cultures to grow into global human resources. Overseas branch trips and experience work are programs that support global mindset and professional capacity empowerment

Daewoong AI/Bigdata Academy(DABA)

Integrate digital transformation into work and grow by fostering future-oriented talented individuals with data analytics and learning using AI and big data

Innovative Idea Challenge Program

Daewoong supports employees to realize their dream of establishing a startup with their original ideas, capacity and passion

Nurturing feedback

Provide continuous performance management with nurturing feedback on a monthly, half-year, and yearly basis so that employees can meet targets and grow
  • Online education (cyber training center) support
  • Outside education support
  • Book purchase support
  • In-company book cafe
We offer a good environment so that employees can autonomously ‘focus’ on work.

Smart Office

Daewoong employees can freely choose where they wish to work. A pleasant work space is offered for flexible and fun working environment

Flexible Work Program

Daewoong employees are free to choose when to come and leave the office without having to be conscious of others

Company Child Care Center
(Little Bear)

First pharmaceutical in the nation to operate an in-company child care center so that employees do not have to take a break from their career due to child care and focus on their work

Nim Culture

Flexible title system that removed ranks to create a horizontal organizational culture

(Job-based Pay)

Culture that recognizes capacity and performance regardless of age, gender, Seniority and nationality
Creating a culture for employees who work hard to ‘rest and play hard’.

Free Use of Vacation Days

Never ask reasons so that employees can use vacation days without being conscious of others

Sandwich Holiday System

Holidays interspersed with work days designated as company-wide holidays

Long-term Refresh Leave

Offer one-month paid vacation and self-development expense support when working for five years straight to give the opportunity to recharge

Daewoong Family Refresh

Offer healing programs so that employees can communicate with family members and take rests (Healience Seonmaeul, DMD)
Caring for the ‘health’ of employees.

Personalized Healthcare Service

We provide employees a health examination service called "Healthcare Physician" including post-care, in order to prevent chronic disease and to maintain good health

Fitness Center

Various fitness activities available during work hours and improve physical health through customized coaching by experts

Capsule Room, Healing Room

Operate resting area so that employees may take a short break in a pleasant environment near the workplace

Low Sodium Meals / Snacks

Offer low-sodium meals and snacks for a healthy diet

No Smoking Campaign

No smoking campaign that employees voluntarily participate in to create a healthy company starting with its employees