R&D Centers

Improving the quality of life of mankind by developing treatments for intractable and rare diseases
Becoming a global innovative pharmaceutical company by launching blockbuster products through Open Collaboration

R&D Portfolio

New drugs
Launching Fexuprazan and entering global markets
Development of Enavogliflozin and expansion of its pipeline
Focus on global development of PRS anti-fibrosis agent
Accelerating to develop autoimmune and pain treating agents
Identification of anticancer candidates
Development of stem cell therapy for intractable and rare diseases
Expansion of Jeuveau (Nabota)’s indications
Launch EGF line extension products and increase Bio-Mecca business sales profits
Development of Bio-convergence medical devices
New products
Launch Luphere Depot in the US and Japanese market
Development of COVID-19 treatment (Niclosamide, Camostat)
Expansion of differentiation generics and incrementally modified drugs based on DDS platform technology
Develop generics and incrementally modified drugs for the global market
C&D (Connect & Development)
Focus on cell & gene therapy development through Open Collaboration
Expansion of therapeutic areas such as anti-cancer / metabolism diseases / immuno-diseases / vaccine

R&D Objectives

Development of First-/Best-in-class drugs
Introduce global innovative new drugs in the global market
Development of First/Best in class drugs
Expansion of new pipelines through Open Collaboration
Development of next-generation Biologics
Development of smart stem cell therapy
Life cycle extension of Jeuveau(Nabota)
Building “Bio-Mecca” Ecosystem in Indonesia
Launching optimized formulation of long-acting depot injection
Entering incrementally modified drugs global market
Developing global 1st generics
Expanding the scope of
external R&D
Exploring cutting-edge technologies
Securing world leading therapy technologies through C&D
Maximizing future values by optimal business model

Introduction of Research Centers

Global healthcare group that leads improvement of quality of life
Daewoong's distinguished technologies, such as bio-technology, cell therapy, new drug development capability, advanced material synthesis capability and various DDS technologies, and its unique optimized strategy system to utilize external sources, Open Collaboration, are the major driving forces for strengthening R&D pipeline and research capabilities. Constructing local research centers and global research network continuously create growth momentum becoming a strong R&D based pharmaceutical company with global competitiveness
Daewoong Life
Science Research Institute
Lioaning Daewoong, China India Research Center US Local Corporation Indonesia Bio Research Center
Yongin Daewoong Life Science Research Center
New Drug Center
Development of innovative new drugs
New Product Center
Depot injection
Compound/time-released platform technology
Consumer health product
Bio Mecca HQ
Cell treatment medicine
Growth factor
Stem cell GMP
Shenyang Liaoning Daewoong Research Center, China
Founding year
Oct 2014
Research sectors
Liquids and suspension R&D
Liaoning Daewoong Pharmaceutical Research Center was founded in October 2014 and it is in charge of research on new liquid drugs, distinguished medicine, and health functional foods that meet demands of the Chinese market. It is the Daewoong’s open collaboration base for the three northeast provinces of China and through cooperation with the Shenyang College of Pharmacology and outstanding research institutes, it is working on developing products specialized to China, fostering outstanding human resources, and making it possible for global technologies and products to enter the market.
Hyderabad India Research Center
Founding year
Jan 2009
Research sectors
Development of distinguished medicine technology
Drafting of documents for approving products in advanced nations
Production based for entering advanced nations
The India research center established in January 2009 utilizes outstanding local researchers and experiences to develop products that can make a bridgehead into advanced pharmaceutical markets such as the US and Europe. Research is being conducted on improved new drugs such as specialized time-release drugs for diseases such as antibiotics and antipsychotics, and form-changes for easier intake, and it is also conducting research on first generics of blockbuster new drugs based on platform technologies
Rockville, MD US Local Corporation
Founding year
Dec 2009
Research sectors
Introduce products to US market and sales management
New drug/bio and generic L/O and joint research or export contracts
Daewoong Pharmaceutical has continued exchange with various research groups in the United States since 2006 and opened its local corporation in Maryland in December 2009. It plans to pioneer the US market by releasing generics through research contracts and licensing/joint research, etc., and through licensing of new drug/bio products. As a strategic base for FDA and NIH rootlets, it has made networks with a variety of CROs and has been continually supporting C&D activities and pharmaceutical technology development, while reviewing the possibility to implement new products/new technologies, and it is planning to lead globalization of R&D through the export, etc. of new drugs and technologies.
Jakarta Indonesia Bio Research Center
Founding year
Dec 2017
Research sectors
New biopharmaceuticals
Daewoong Infion of Indonesia started as a joint venture in 2012 and received the outstanding biopharmaceutical technologies of Daewoong Pharmaceutical and is being operated as the base for the research, development and production of biopharmaceuticals. It will conduct research to explore new biopharmaceuticals through open collaboration with local colleges and research centers in Indonesia, and will grow into the mecca of biopharmaceuticals.