Korea Plants

Daewoong Pharmaceutical has a number of strategically located manufacturing sites, each of which specializes in various production lines such as depot, liquid suspension, biologics, and etc.

Osong Plant

Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
Highly automated mass production facility
Qualified injection manufacturing facility
  • Depot injection & ampoule, vial, drip infusion kit
  • First in Korea to be equipped with Dual Chamber Syringe (DCS) charging line)
Capacity: Dual Chamber Syringe (0.35M), Prefilled Syringe (0.25M), Tablet (2B)
40,892 m2 (440,158 ft2)
Manufacturing Products
Oral Solid, Depot Injection, Vial, Ampoule

Hyangnam Plant

Hyangnam, South Korea
Main manufacturing site for oral solids, suspensions, injectables and biologics
Produces Korea’s first new biomedicine ‘EGF’ (Epidermal Growth Factor)
Supports clinical trial(phase 1-3) batch sizes and clinical scale-up manufacturing
Capacity: Tablet (1B), Prefilled Syringe (1M)
31,735 m2 (341,598 ft2)
Manufacturing Products
Oral Solid, Microbial Product, Cell cultured Product

Seongnam Daewoong-Bio Plant

Seongnam, South Korea
Top cephalosporin CMO facility
RABS (Restricted-access barrier system) ensures sterility and validated aseptic-quality products
Capacity: Powder Injection Filling Line (24M Vial), Tablet (100M), Capsule (100M)
7,535 m2 (81,106 ft2)
Manufacturing Products
Cephalosporin Injection, Tablet, Capsule

Anseong Daewoong-Bio Plant

Anseong, South Korea
8,180 m2 (88,048 ft2)
Manufacturing Products
Oral Solid

Daejeon Plant (Hanall Biopharma)

Daejeon, South Korea
9,011 m2 (96,993 ft2)
Manufacturing Products
A/A infusion, Oral Solid