About Daewoong

Holding Company

  • Daewoong
    Resource management and management support for affiliated companies
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Daewoong Affiliates

  • Daewoong Pharmaceutical
    Manufacture and sales of finished dose
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  • Daewoong Bio
    Manufacture and sales of API
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  • Daewoong Life Science
    Production and sales of health food and life products
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  • DMD Daewoong Management Development Institute
    Corporate personnel training business
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  • idsTrust
    Computer, peripheral devices and software development and sales
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  • Daewoong ENG
    Facility management services and machine production
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  • Pharm Pack
    Pharmaceutical product packaging professionals
  • Daewoong Development
    Real estate leasing
  • Sanwoong Development
    Facility management services
  • Daewoong Therapeutics
    R&D on first-in-class DR/DDS-based new drugs
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Daewoong Pharmaceutical Affiliates

  • Hanall Biopharma
    Pharmaceutical product R&D
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  • MD Well
    Medicine and nutrition company, production and sales of nutritious meals
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  • Healience Seonmaeul
    New conceptual lifestyle improvement program, and the nation’s first wellness center
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  • Affyxell Therapeutics
    R&D on pharmaceutical drugs and medicine
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  • iN Therapeutics
    R&D on pharmaceutical drugs and medicine
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Affyxell Therapeutics
R&D on pharmaceutical drugs and medicine
Establishment History
Seng Ho Jeon & Jong Sang Ryu
Date of establishment:
February 06, 2020
Kimhae, Korea
(Kimhae Biomedical Center)
R&D center:
Yong In, Korea (Gwanggyo)
A right of all mankind is a life that is
healthy, joyful, and gratifying,
free from suffering of illnesses.
AffyXell provides a new class of
affordable cellular therapeutics that
help patients recover from intractable
disease and regain their health.

Limit 1.

Limitations of Current Stem
Cell Therapy

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    Donor variance

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    High cost
    Low efficacy

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    Need for
    specific MoA

Limit 2.

Limitations of Current Non-IgG

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    Relatively short
    Half-life compared to
    Antibody drugs

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    Low efficacy
    Compared to

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    Lack of feasible
    New substances

Overcoming Barriers

Next Generation Cell Therapy
(AFX Platform)

AFX platform :
Affimer-encoded Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Overcoming donor variance by using
pluripotent stem cell-derived MSC

Improved productivity
in cell therapy by using pluripotent
stem cell-derived MSC

Securing specific treatment
mechanism through Affimer gene

Synergy through
platform convergence
In-body factory :
overcoming a short half-life of
Superior efficacy expected
compared to
competitor treatments

* Pluripotent stem cell-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell