Possessing platform technologies for New Synthetic Drug

  • Ion Channel Platform
    다음 내용 참조.
    Library Screening Step for Discovery of Effective Substances(Hit)
    Posses a library containing 100 thousand types of ion channels
    High Throughput Screening(HTS) Discovery of Effective Substances (Hit)
    Activation and Selectivity Evaluation Step
    Manual Patch Clamp(Cellular Level)
    MoA(Mechanism of Action) and Efficacy Evaluation Step
    In vivo Patch Clamp(Animal Level)
    Slide Patch Clamp(Tissue Level)
    The Ion Channel Platform (VITVO) of Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is a platform that can evaluate efficacy at the cellular, tissue, or animal level to derive results rapidly through a highly efficient screening method.
    In order to achieve clear interaction analysis of ion channels, electrophysiological assessment via a high-tech patch clamp is crucial.
    The Ion Channel Platform (VITVO) can achieve 100 times higher efficacy through the auto-patch clamp method when compared with current manual patch clamp methods (which are able to evaluate 2 types in 1 week).